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Sandstone Home Loans provides access to home loans for homeowners seeking to consolidate debt, shorten their current loan term, or just lower their current interest rate. As well we work with home buyers, whether they are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor. We will work with a customer from the beginning stages of determining what type of financing they are best qualified. This may start with an income and credit review to help a customer plan on how to get prepared to purchase their home.

What we do

Sandstone Home Loans offers Conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, Jumbo loans, and HELOC’s. We have asset-based loan programs available for high net worth individuals, bank statement loan programs, self-employed loan programs, and investor-based loan programs utilizing the property market rental income to qualify (DSCR Loan Program).

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System #2349810

Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator License #100026264

California Department of Real Estate License #02162493