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Ben Petkewich – Mortgage Company/Owner

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System #234521

Nevada Mortgage Lending License #46362

Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator License #100026264

California Department of Real Estate Broker License #01195600

Where do you currently practice?

I am a mortgage broker currently licensed in Nevada & Colorado. I will soon be licensed in California as well.

What experience do you hope to provide for your clients?

A successful experience. This would be where the customer receives what they came in for, to get qualified for a home loan. Sometimes that may be us creating a road map for what they need to do to get qualified. We may need time for them to improve their credit rating, get more savings for the down payment, or really understand what changes need to be made in a budget, so they are in a financial position to qualify for a home loan.

What are your goals for each client?

My goal for each customer is for them to understand their options and match them with the home loan that fits their individual needs.

What is your mission/vision?

Mission is to provide people in our community with an outstanding source for home loans. My vision to accomplish this mission is through a simple means of communicating the home loan process using ethical principles of honesty & integrity to guide decisions on how to best serve others. To responsibly pass on this knowledge and expertise. Volunteer within our community.

What drove you to start your own business?

My goal is to provide customers with an honest & ethical source for home loan information in their local community. To be a source where a customer can obtain and make sense of the vast amounts of information about credit, home loans, and the home buying process. Someone they can rely on to provide information which is current, relevant, and easy to understand. I would like people to leave our working relationship better educated about the home loan process. If someone understands their options, then they have the knowledge to make the changes necessary to achieve the results. To connect with and make an impact in a local volunteer network or organization, specifically one where time/effort can be donated with the benefit of assisting others in the local community, possibly those in need of housing/financial education.

What are some of the things you do in your personal time?

Involved in coaching youth sports. Husband and father of three children. Enjoy hiking, biking, camping, skiing.

Professional Background

Started as a mortgage originator in 1994.  Worked my way through a variety of different positions within the industry, typically on the sales side of the business.

The Mortgage Outlet      1994-2017

Branch Manager/Mortgage Originator with The Mortgage Outlet

  • Responsible for personal loan production and the supervision of other mortgage originators in Las Vegas
  • Establish and maintain a network of Real Estate Agents and other contacts for business
  • Division Manager with The Mortgage Outlet 
  • Based on extraordinary success in prior position, selected by owners to open new branch locations in the Western United States
  • Responsibilities included finding locations, hiring, training, and supporting five branch offices.  Two locations were opened under my supervision, while in two other locations underperforming offices were re-staffed.

Branch Manager with The Mortgage Outlet

  • Successfully opened a branch location in Las Vegas for TMO
  • Hired, educated, and supervised a sales force of up to seven mortgage originators to become the top producing branch in the company.  Five individual mortgage originators maintained employment with TMO for more than five years.
  • Continually was among the top three in personal and branch office production.

Wholesale Account Executive with The Mortgage Outlet

  • Created and maintained a client base of mortgage brokers in the Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in California
  • Provided guidance on loan programs for mortgage brokers
  • Oversaw the loan process and communication amongst the mortgage brokers, processing, and underwriting

Nationwide Multistate Licensing System #2349810

Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator License #100026264

California Department of Real Estate License #02162493